The 7.5 FK Field Pistol is a single action, tilting barrel type mechanism, with a proprietary recoil attenuating system. This is not a modified design of another product or pistol model. This is a completely new and unique concept and design and the intellectual rights to the system have been registered and claimed by FK BRNO. The design is very ergonomic and even though the magazine holds 15 - 35 mm long rounds, the smallest hands are able to fully wrap around the optimally angled grip of the pistol. The frame and slide are very slender and streamlined for such a size cartridge and caliber.

The pistol is made entirely by machining using an array of specialty high strength alloys and multiple controlled heat treatment methods and processes that are usually used on very large caliber high pressure firearms, such as field howitzers and auto cannons. It is produced to the highest standards in the industry.



Length: 240 mm  (9.5")
Width: 25.5 mm  (1")
Height: 136 mm without sight  (5.3")
143 mm with Butterfly Sight  (5.6")
Weight: 1300 g  (46 oz)
Magazine capacity: 15 +1
Finnish/color: Nitridation / Dark Gray
Finnish/color life: 30+ hours salt spray bath
Action: Single action
Barrel length: 152 mm (6")
Match use-barrel life: 20,000 rounds
Normal use-barrel life: 30,000 rounds
Grip material: Aluminum
Grip design: Rounded and squared back versions
Sights: FK BRNO Butterfly Sight
Three-Point Target Sight is adjustable for windage 
and the front sight is pre adjusted for elevation
Accuracy: Guaranteed to shoot less than 100x100 mm rectangle at 100m



The Field Pistol is a sporting pistol designed primarily to be used in long-range competitions, silhouette shooting, hunting, and generally any pistol shooting activity and tasks that requires the ability to engage targets at longer ranges, especially with a folding stock , such as (PSD) personal security detail, urban / suburban combat, backup (SBR) short barrel rifle, Air crew survival weapon, mechanised armour crew weapon, among other uses.

The pistol comes in two models: The Standard Field Pistol and the Combat sport. Internally they are the same yet the Combat Sport is slightly more compact with less protruding edges for ease of use with competition holsters and clothing.



The Field Pistol was designed entirely and exclusively around the 7.5 FK cartridge, and to fulfill the original requirements for that cartridge: low recoil, controlled muzzle jump, useable with one hand accurately, and small enough and light enough to be concealable if required including the ability to carry in shoulder holster, the ability to use quick attach / detach compact foldable shoulder stock, without effecting the loading and ejecting of the magazine. Most importantly it had to be able to accurately shoot the cartridge with the goal being less than 100x100 mm at 100 meters. The Field Pistol meets and exceeds all of these requirements.


The current design was not the preferred design at first. As a matter of fact FK BRNO designed and built more than 40 prototypes using different mechanisms starting with roller locks both external and internal, gas recoil system, delayed blowback gas recoil system, rotating barrel lock and three different types and tilting barrel lock systems, before deciding to go with the current production model. There were advantages and disadvantages to all the designs, however the current model gave the cartridge the best possible platform for the intended use.